How Long Does Zenni Take to Ship?

Zenni Optical is one of the most popular prescription glass brands out there, trailing the likes of Warby Parker.

They offer all of their glasses online and have their headquarters in California, United States.

Since every transaction is done online, one of the areas a lot of people are concerned about is shipping.

What if your Doc prescribed a glass for you to start using urgently, how can you get it quickly?

If you’re about to purchase a glass from Zenni but wondering if you’ll get it on time, then this article is for you.

How Long Does Zenni Take to Ship?

How Long Does Zenni Take to Ship?

A typical shipment of Zenni eyeglasses will take around 2 weeks after you place your order.

The brand currently addresses over 7,000 orders in a single day, so it makes sense that it might take a while before your glass arrives.

The brand also serves more than 80 countries, which means they are serving a lot of customers all over the world.

There is something else to take note of.

Where Zenni Optical is located. Zenni Optical is an American brand located in Novato, California, United States.

So, if you’re buying their glasses from the states, you may have more leverage than those purchased from outside the states.

This is because the amount of time it takes to ship from their headquarters to your location will be much shorter than someone buying from Australia.

That’s the only advantage though. Since Zenni doesn’t have a physical store, you also have to order (and do everything) online.

Where Does Zenni Optical Ship From?

Zenni’s manufacturing plant is in China, so all of its shipping originates from there.

No matter where you’re living, your glass will be shipped from China. Also, the brand uses either UPS, USPS, or FedEx to ship your product.

Another important to have in mind is that the shipping isn’t free. Your shipping will most likely cost $5 (which can be more, depending on where you’re ordering from).

Who Does Zenni Optical Ship with?

According to the brand, they send their prescription eyeglasses (accessories and other products) through several courier services, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

The brand states that close to 7,000 pairs of glasses are sent out daily, to more than 80 countries all over the world.

While there is no indication of the possibility of it happening, if you experience a little delay in receiving your goods, this may be why.

Is Zenni a Chinese Company?

No, Zenni isn’t a Chinese company. However, the brand has a factory in China.

According to the brand, 89% of the glasses they sell in the United States come from China.

That is to say, most Zenni Optical glasses are made in China but are marketed in the United States.

However, the brand has stated that it is dedicated to providing excellent and quality glass so you shouldn’t be afraid to purchase from them just because they manufacture their glass in China.

Why Is Zenni So Cheap?

And this point is related to the above. Zenni has taken the step of most other brands who situate their factories in China to reduce costs.

Because the cost of production is very low in China, Zenni is able to operate with a very low overhead cost, enabling them to price their glasses reasonably.

The other reason is that most of their glasses are ordered online, thereby reducing the hassles brick-and-more businesses bring.

They don’t have to pay for retail space nor do they have to pay staff to man their physical stores.

Are Zenni Glasses Worth it?

Zenni Optical is very popular. They have appeared in several large publications including the likes of Forbes, Healthline, MedicalNewsToday, and so on.

Does that signal that their glasses are worth it?

Well, not necessarily. The average rating of the brand on Trustpilot is 3.6, which isn’t bad but also isn’t great.

However, the brand has plenty of positive reviews that not only show they are legit but also worth trying out.

You may have to read extra reviews yourself to be sure you want to purchase your glasses from them.

Does Zenni Optical Have Express Shipping?

Yes, the brand offers express shipping along with their standard shipping.

It is, however, more expensive but you get your lens faster. According to Zenni, express shipping should take around seven to fourteen days.

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